Amazon Basics stick ballpoint pen review

I have bought a few Amazon-branded Amazon Basics products in the past. They’re generally of pretty good quality when it comes to electronics, especially for the price, but I had never bought any stationery with that brand before.
I saw that they offer both pencils and ballpoint pens for relatively low prices, and considering how I lose my pens all the time, I decided to give the Amazon Basics stick ballpoint pens a shot.

General information and packaging

These pens cannot be purchased individually. Instead, you can choose to buy a pack of 10, 50 or 100 pens, which are priced at 2.99 €, 8.99 € and 17.99 € respectively. This in turn means that each one will set you back 0.30 € if you buy 10 and  0.18 € if you buy 50 or 100. If you’re looking for the best deal possible, the 50-pack is the way to go, but 0.30 € is still a very respectable price when compared to stationery you’ll buy at brick and mortar stationery shops.

The pens didn’t come in a fancy box, but that’s to be expected from any Amazon Basics product. Instead, they’re kept inside this cardboard box with a label glued onto. Hardly an attractive package, I’ll admit. Inside are the aforementioned ten pens and nothing else. Seriously, what else were you expecting to be in there?

Writing with the Amazon Basics stick ballpoint pen

How it feels in your hand

When you first remove the cap and start writing, you immediately notice that some corners had to be cut in order to make these pens this cheap. When the tip touches the paper you’ll immediately feel it wobble a bit and I must admit I had the impression it was going to snap more than once. While you shouldn’t judge a book from its cover, things such as these are generally clear indications that you’re not going to have a good writing experience with it.

Another major annoyance I had with it is how uncomfortable the sharp edge between the shaft and the tip is. It doesn’t make writing with it immediately horrible, but it doesn’t allow for long writing sessions either.

Writing with it

The Amazon Basic Stick Ballpoint pen suffers from the same problem that all the ballpoints I’ve tried have: they write almost perfectly at first, but then they start writing poorly, with the supposedly black ink becoming a shade of dark grey and with a white stroke in the middle.

Bottom line

Meh. They’re simply ballpoint pens: not the most horrid ones I’ve tried, but don’t set your expectations high if you’ve been spoiled by other Amazon Basics products. They’re fine to keep around for when you need to take a quick note, but not much else.

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