How to remove file properties

There are times where you may need to send out a file to a customer, but you want to make sure it’s been “anonymised” by removing all properties that may lead to you. This may be especially important if you’re doing freeelancing for someone other than the final customer. Whatever your reasons to remove file properties, here is how to do that on Windows 10, although these very same steps apply to previous versions as well.

The first thing you’ll need to do is right-click the file you want to remove properties from and select… Well… Properties. You will have four different tabs, one of which is labeled Details. Click it and you’ll be shown a list of file properties. While some items will be present in any file, regardless of its type, others are dependent on the type. It wouldn’t make sense for a DOCX to have a Camera maker field, wouldn’t it?

At the bottom of the list is a link that reads Remove Properties and Personal Information. Click it.

The dialog that appears next allows you to either remove all properties (with a few exceptions) or create a copy of the file with only the selected properties removed. Choosing between one or the other is a matter of personal preference. In most cases, however, I believe that simply creating a copy with the Author property removed will suffice. Whatever you prefer, keep in mind that if you remove all properties from the file, those will be lost forever, unless you restore a previous backup.

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