How to find any Office document’s path

Computers come with bigger and bigger storage spaces by the day. Just 10 years ago, 1 TB drives were the top of the line, most expensive models, and needless to say, they were pretty much a rarity. Today, they’re the smallest models you can buy and the most common ones. Not to mention, they’re faster than those sold 10 years ago and use the SATA interface, whereas those older models were still using IDE. Yeah, remember IDE, with its long, wide cables? One of the consequences of the availability of bigger drives is that you may lose track of where you’re storing your documents, especially if you use more than one drive or don’t always save them in the Documents folder.

The Recent bar in Office applications help opening the most recently-edited ones and also shows the folder they’ve been saved to, but you may still need to manually browse to that location or type in the path. As an alternative, you can right-click on the item you wish to find the path and select Copy path to clipboard.

NoteNote: Even though we will be using Word for this guide, the method described here works with all Office applications, except Outlook, which doesn’t open files in the same manner as the other ones.

Now, you can open File Explorer and copy it inside the address bar.

However, don’t press Enter just yet, for doing this will open the file itself. Instead, delete its name by pressing Ctrl + Backspace. This will delete one word at a time, where by word we mean any sequence of characters separated by a slash, a dot or a space.

Now you can press Enter and you’ll be brought to the containing folder. Easy, isn’t it?

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