How to install fonts in Windows

The latest iteration of the Windows operating system comes with a significant number of fonts that cover a lot of scripts. However, you may want to give your documents a distinctive flavour in the way of typefaces. Let’s see how you can install fonts in Windows.

Installing from preview window

This may be the easiest way to install a font. To do this, double-click the font icon and click on Install.

Installing by selecting and right-clicking

The above method is okay if you need to install only a single font, but more often than not, a single font family is comprised of multiple files. It quickly becomes clear that installing every single one individually is not ideal and may clog down your computer, depending on how fast it is and how many windows you need to open at once. If that’s your situation, you can simply select multiple font files, right-click and select Install from the drop-down menu.

Installing by dragging and dropping

This is the most advanced method of installing fonts, but it’s really not as complicated as the word “advanced” may imply.

Open File Explorer and go to C:\Windows\Fonts. You’ll be presented with the following screen, listing all currently installed fonts:

Select all the font files you want to install and drag them onto the Fonts window, then release the left mouse button. They will all be installed automatically.

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