Adding any folder to Send to

When you right-click on an icon, one of the options that’s available to you is to send the file to a compressed folder, a network share, a Bluetooth device, the Documents folder, and so on and so forth. You may have even noticed that installing some applications adds new destinations for you. What many people don’t know, however, is that it’s still possible for the user to add her own destinations. Here’s how.

Open the Run application

Open the Start menu and type run. This icon will show up.

Press Enter or click it and you will be presented with this dialog.

In the field named Open, type shell:sendto (without any spaces) and this folder will open.

You may notice that these are exactly the same entries shown by right-clicking an icon and choosing Send to, except storage devices.

This is, in fact, the folder that manages what entries appear in that menu.

Create a shortcut

We can add our own entries by simply adding shortcuts to the folder we want to make available. You may notice that OneDrive doesn’t appear there. If you want to add an entry for that cloud service, we first need to know where it stores all files. The default location is C:\Users\YourUser\OneDrive. Let’s create a new shortcut in the SendTo folder that points to our OneDrive folder.

Right-click on an empty spot in the folder and choose New > Shortcut.

Let’s insert the location we want to point to and press Next.

We can either leave the default name or change it to something else, like Send to OneDrive, and then click Finish.

Start using your newly-created destination

Our new destination has been added to the Send To menu.

Clicking it will move the selected file to the OneDrive folder.

And this doesn’t simply work with OneDrive, but with every cloud service or folder in your computer.

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