Lofree is a mechanical keyboard that will rub you the right way

By reading this website, one thing is apparent: I really like mechanical keyboards, from the way typing on them feels, to the sounds they make, to how heavy and robust they are. If there’s something I like as much as mechanical keyboards, that would be typewriter. My first typing experience was actually on an old Olivetti Studio 44 typewriter. I was about 11 years old and I pecked on keys. Yeah, I was a dumb kid.

At any rate, if you have any interest at all in mechanical keyboards, you may have heard of the QWERKYWRITER, a wireless keyboard designed to work with tablets that wants to bring back the feeling on typing on a typewriter. Lofree thinks that they can bring the original QWERKYWRITER vision to the masses by offering a more affordable model.

Judging from what can be seen on Lofree’s website and Facebook page, the Lofree is going to use Outemu blue switches and the same layout as the Apple Magic Keyboard. It would also appear that they chose to go with an ANSI layout, a thing that I generally don’t like in keyboards.

I contacted Lofree regarding the availability of an ISO variant and of other kinds of switches and will keep you updated when they reply.

The Lofree keyboard is set to release on March 7th.

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