The FSF revises the four freedoms

In an act that left many flabbergasted, the Free Software Foundation has recently told Tech 4 Freelancers that they’re going to completely revise the four freedoms, the cornerstones on which the whole free software movement are fouded. A spokesperson from the FSF, who asked to remained anonymous, commented to Tech 4 Freelancers: “This is a move that many will find unexpected, but we felt the need to do because the open source world has changed in the last twenty years.”

The same spokesperson also added: “Many people will be very vocal about this change, but when you work in open source for thirty years, you get used to people moaning about everything every time.”

A classified document by the FSF states: “Despite our foundation being a lair of reactionaries dressed up as hippies, we do need to enact a paradigm shift.”

Tech 4 Freelancers was able to get a hold of the first draft of the new document. The new four freedoms are as follows:

  1. The freedom to run the program on any architecture, as long as that architecture is x86;
  2. The freedom to run any Windows program using Wine;
  3. The freedom to having to reinstall the operating system because an upgrade rendered the machine unusable;
  4. The freedom to switch to another operating system because you can’t deal with that shit anymore.

It seems that reactions by key players in the free software movement will not be kind.

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