Bitdefender Antivirus Plus at just 15$

The latest Humble Bundle offers 315 $ worth of software at the low price of just 15 $ (~14 €). The Humble Lifehacker Software bundle includes 9 utilities, some really useful, a couple less so. Here’s what they are:


breevyAn abbreviation software for Windows, it allows you to abbreviate pieces of text, URLs, and more. It can be useful for those who need to write many emails similar in content. Just type the abbreviation followed by Space and Breevy will insert the full text. Breevy also includes more than 6500 typo autocorrections for use in programs that do not support spelling check.

Fences & Deskscapes

fences-deskscapesTwo utilities from Stardock that tweak how the Windows desktop behaves, Fences organises desktop icons to make it less cluttered. For example, you can create a “fence” for application shortcuts, one for documents, and so on. Deskscape allows you to customise and animate your wallpaper and screensaver.

Directory Opus 12 Light

GPSoftware Link - Get DOpusAn advanced file manager for Windows, its features include:

  • Single or dual file displays, with single or dual trees, make navigating and manipulating files a breeze.
  • Folder tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch quickly between them.
  • Quickly filter, sort, group and search your folders.
  • Color-code your files, assign status icons, star ratings, tags and descriptions.
  • View images, documents and more. Image marking lets you sort your photos quickly and easily. Build in image converter lets you quickly convert formats, resize and rotate.
  • Batch renaming including easy-to-use keyboard macros, and the option for a fully scripted rename using metadata.
  • Built-in support for archive formats like Zip, 7Zip and RAR.
  • Print or export folder listings, copy file listings to the clipboard, calculate folder sizes.
  • Queue multiple file copies for improved performance.
  • Extremely configurable user interface – colors, fonts, user-defined toolbars and keyboard hotkeys let you tailor Opus exactly to suit your needs.
  • Efficient, multi-threaded, modern design. Supports the latest 4K monitors. Available in both 32 and 64 bit versions.


An utility that makes operating multiple monitors easier. It allows you to keep different desktop background across the various monitors, to extend the taskbar so that it stretches across all monitors, set custom title bar buttons, and more. You will need to choose whether you want a PC license or a Steam license.

LastPass Premium (1-year license)

lastpassA utility that allows you to create and manage your password. You can only remember a single master password and let LastPass manage all the other passwords for you.

CyberGhost VPN (1-year license)

A program with which you can create and manage Virtual Private Network to make your browsing experience secure and anonymous. CyberGhost connections are encrypted, allowing you to stay anonymous even when torrenting, and have no bandwidth or traffic limitation.

Acronis TrueImage 2017 (1-year license)

A backup utility that allows you to create an image of your operating system to restore it at a later time. It supports backing up to external drives, NAS devices and the cloud with just a few clicks. It also allows you to backup your Facebook and has a easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 (1-year license)

One of the best antivirus solutions available for Windows, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus allows yo to surf the web securely from ransomware, viruses and trojans. You can install it on 3 different devices.


You can get all this software on Humble Bundle. The offer will last until November 15th 2016 and the keys must be redeemed by December 31st 2016.

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