Passgen: a random password generator

As you may know, security is important and the first step to keeping your computer and accounts secure is to use a strong password. Unfortunately, coming up with a strong password isn’t easy and remembering multiple passwords is a real pain. While I can’t help you with the latter, I have written a simple random password generator in Python. You can check it out and download it on GitHub.

How it works

Passgen is a small command-line program written in Python that allows you to generate a secure password by reading random bytes from /dev/random (on MacOS and Linux) or by invoking the function CryptGenRandom() (on Windows). Currently, you have to answer a few questions with y or n to let the program know what characters to use, but I’m also planning on adding support for command-line arguments and running in non-interactive mode.

This is what the program looks like under MacOS:

Random password generator

Installation instructions

Please refer to the file on GitHub.

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