Print multiple files in Windows

Let’s say that you need to print multiple files in different file formats at once. Normally, you would open them one by one manually and issue the print command through a menu or keyboard shortcut. But what if I told you that there is a more convenient way to print all the files you want without doing this? Read on to find out how.

For starters, open the Control Panel and, under Hardware and Sound, click on View devices and printers.


You will be presented with a partial list of devices currently attached to your computer, generally through USB or Ethernet, sorted by type. Printers are listed as a separate category. Scroll down if needed and select the printer you want to use. Generally, it’s the default one, marked with a green symbol.


Double click on it. You will be prompted with that printer’s queue.

Now, open the folder where your files are located, select them and drag and drop them into the print queue.


You will be asked to confirm that you want to print multiple files at once. Click Yes and it’ll start printing.

Is that it? Actually, no. This only allows you to print a handful of file formats for which you have a viewer or editor installed.¬†For example, you won’t be able to print PDF files directly in Windows 10, for its default PDF viewer is Edge. To print out multiple PDFs using this method, you will have to install a third-party PDF editor or viewer, like Acrobat Reader DC.

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